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About business popular business books open up access to the knowledge and experience of successful entrepreneurs, we want you to be successful, psychologists, leaders and specialists in various fields, not only business. To be number one ahead of your competitors, to get the desired position, it is important to become a successful businessman, manager and even a psychologist, leading your partners. Therefore, for a modern person, reading business literature is necessary. Fortunately, this genre is now very widespread and covers many topics: the basics of entrepreneurship, organizational activity and effective advertising, the secrets of motivation, the generation of new ideas, management psychology. Books by such masters as Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Dale Carnegie are still relevant and in demand. In Russia, several publishing houses specialize in publishing books on business: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Peter, Eksmo and a number of others. The best business books from professionals, business coaches, marketing and management gurus, as well as from other business areas, you can read here.

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