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I will not give dry definitions here, I think they are not interesting to anyone. A business consultant is the very person who is invited from outside to help find a solution to some problem. It is also obvious that looking from the outside can very often help to reveal what you will never find as an employee of the company

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The business structure is quite simple. Usually, complex logistics or analytics are not needed here. Management is carried out by a small number of people. Many other structures are also absent, without which it is impossible to imagine the management of a large company.
A small business does not have sufficient financial resources to attract a whole staff of different specialists to work.

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The overall influence of the consultant is that clients have access to a deeper level of knowledge than would be possible for them internally and can purchase as many services from an external consultant as they wish.

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is an expert or professional in a specific field and has extensive knowledge of a specific subject. Consultants can save their clients time, increase revenue, and conserve resources. Business consultant

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our books to help you become better. our personal book picks for business.

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“If you want to be seen as a business consultant, you must introduce yourself as a business consultant. Otherwise, you and your ideas will never be taken seriously. People run business, and people tend to think in stereotypes.. ”

Christine Walters

My Story

What do I want to tell you? If you are a seller, if you think that profit is first of all, then you will most likely not be interested in reading further. But if you, like me, think that it is much more interesting not just to sell, but to create some value yourself, to be a specialist, then we are on the way with you.

So, I am a fairly active person, my well-established comfortable existence was not enough for me, I wanted something interesting. I read about business consultants, watched interviews with representatives of Western business, who in our country managed to open branches and become successful with the help of such specialists, and I understood that I could do that too. Moreover, I want to do this. In the end, I dropped everything and moved to London.

The question of how I came to this profession, so rare for our country, I am also asked quite often. And to understand the specifics of the work, it will not be superfluous to talk about it. Maybe even some of you would like to become my colleague. And here I hope that my path, my mistakes and best practices can be useful.

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